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Julia Stoy

Julia Stoy

Senior Auditor - Assurance Services
Ernst & Young
Raleigh, NC


Be nice to Julia Stoy. She may well end up raising money for you.

As the cheerleader behind all kinds of office fundraising projects, she set a record with her Charity Raffle benefitting SafeChild and she handily exceeded her goal when raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society.

How does her employer feel about all these do-gooding efforts being carried out on company time? “They support it 100%. It’s great, because being so involved doesn’t add stress at all, but actually really enriches my career – and my life.”

Julia has made sure to maintain a healthy work/life balance and look for opportunities to pursue whatever interests her. As a result, “there is no ‘typical’ day in my career as a CPA.” Her job in Assurance Services has her studying up on new clients’ businesses, working through accounting issues they may be struggling with, training new team members and more.

For Julia, there’s variety even in the variety: First there’s variety in her daily activities (which keeps things from getting routine), then there’s the diversity of people she works with (which makes for great conversations and better problem-solving), and then of course you have the variety in her clients (which helps her learn something new every day).

The traditional stereotype of accounting doesn’t apply to Julia’s job at all, and that’s just fine by her. After all, she says, “Who would want to sit in a cube and enter invoice numbers into a computer all day? Not me!”

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Who would want to sit in a cube and enter invoice numbers into a computer all day? Not me!

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 10

Best job: Ernst & Young, of course! The relationships I have made with my co-workers and clients are priceless.

Worst job: Skating car-hop at Sonic Drive-in. I'm pretty sure I head-butted a car one time.

Hobbies outside of work: Volunteering, bicycling, gourmet cooking

Words to live by: "One day at a time."