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Jeff Dottl

Jeff Dottl

Chief Financial Officer
Physicians Surgery Centers, LLC
Tarzana, CA


After taking his first accounting class, Jeff Dottl told his girlfriend (and future wife) that if he ever told her he wanted to be an accountant, she should stop him. Fortunately for him – for several reasons – she didn’t take him up on it.

That first class was just the wrong introduction to accounting. He kept at it, taking a few more courses, and soon everything clicked. He liked accounting classes because, unlike in some other fields, there was a right and wrong answer to most questions – no arguing about writing style or public speaking abilities. You either got the answer right or you didn’t – and Jeff got a lot of them right.

In his work today, the answers aren’t always black and white – and that’s just how Jeff likes it. “The more I have to think and be creative, the more I enjoy my days at work,” he says. "While the business itself doesn't change much, there are so many outside factors that affect it. Being creative and proactive has proven to be as necessary as having surgeons. Because I am the last guy anyone wants operating on them!"

Sometimes Jeff needs a little extra help to get the creative juices flowing. As a big music fan, he cranks the loud music at work. “These days I listen to a lot of Phoenix, BB King and Eros Ramazotti."

“I know what you’re thinking – how did Flo Rida get in there? I don’t know either.”

Whatever works, Jeff.

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The more I have to think and be creative, the more I enjoy my days at work.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 11

Best job: Other than my current job? I used to be the afternoon starter at a golf course in Las Vegas. It was a PGA Tour stop and I got to meet a lot of fun (and some not so fun) people.

Worst job: For a brief stint in college I was a telemarketer. Sorry if I called you!

Hobbies outside of work: Live music, golfing, volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America