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Erica DeShong

Erica DeShong

Tax Associate
Hughes, Pittman & Gupton
Durham, NC


If all you knew about Erica DeShong was what you found in her calendar, you might assume she was a veterinarian with an obsession over college basketball. Not only does Erica regularly attend UNC basketball games, she even planned her wedding around their season schedule. As a runner who trains with her two dogs, she’s just as passionate about animals and volunteers with a local rescue organization for German Shepherds.

In fact, even Erica thought she was destined to be a veterinarian when she started college. She started as a biology major, but along the way she discovered accounting. “A professor introduced me to the idea of enrolling in a ‘Masters of Accounting’ program in my senior year,” Erica says. “Accounting was a new area of study for me, and I wanted to learn more.”

Today Erica is a CPA and loves the variety that comes with her job. “I constantly build on the knowledge I gained the day before and learn something new with every client,” she says. The relationships are the other part of what Erica likes so much about her job. “It’s extremely rewarding when you know they trust and depend on you. The days where I put all the pieces together that have a major impact on my clients’ businesses are the best.” Well, those and the days when UNC wins.

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I constantly build on the knowledge I gained the day before and learn something new with every client.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 7

Best job: Assistant at a Veterinary Office

Worst job: Had a variety of jobs and every one has had its own unique set of stories and lessons to offer. None have been "the worst."

Hobbies outside of work: Volunteering with the German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption, spending time with my husband and running

Pets: Two dogs named Sonny and Sandy

Words to live by: "Whenever one door closes, a better one opens!"