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Ebonie Jackson

Ebonie Jackson

Global Financial Standards Implementation Leader
Owens Corning
Rockford, IL


Ebonie Jackson has the answers.

Got a question about finance or accounting at the Owens Corning plant in Rockford, Illinois? She’s all over it. Curious about how the Warehouse and Sourcing teams are doing with their new product launch? Look up her extension. Want to know a good place for dinner in downtown Brazil? You found the right person.

Since beginning her career as a CPA, Ebonie has ‘done her thing’ on four continents and solved business problems from São Paulo to St. Petersburg. As a process expert, she makes quick decisions every day that keep the latest mini-crisis from becoming a major problem.

But she wasn’t always so well-informed. “Coming out of high school I didn’t know what I wanted to major in – just what I didn’t want to major in, which was Accounting,” she says. Plans changed, though, when an inspiring professor and a mentor at a visiting accounting firm opened her eyes to the possibilities. “It turned out that I absolutely loved one job an Accounting major can lead to: Auditing.”

Now she “gets paid to talk,” as she puts it, and her organization listens closely. She loves using everything she’s learned to solve problems and streamline operations. It is – much to her high school self’s surprise – a perfect fit.

In fact there’s only one question now that she can’t answer: “What’s my typical day like? I couldn’t say. Each day is a new one, and I never know what problems I’ll be solving.”

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Each day is a new one, and I never know what problems I'll be solving.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 11

Best job: Traveling to Brazil and Shanghai as an internal auditor

Worst job: Counting inventory on New Years as a public accountant

Hobbies outside of work: Reading, traveling, going to the spa

Words to live by: “Always work like you are going to become partner or CFO, but always expect that your plans will change.”