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Christina Morales-Eddy

Christina Morales-Eddy

Corporate Tax Accountant II
Cedar Rapids, IA


Lots of people decide to become CPAs for similar reasons: great pay, interesting work, respect from colleagues, stable demand. Christina Morales-Eddy adds one more important reason to the list – what she likes most about her position is the opportunity to assist others.

“I love helping people,” she says. Before coming to AEGON USA, Christina spent three years in public accounting where she helped people by discussing taxes, doing research, talking to the IRS and preparing returns. This time gave her the opportunity to work on various types of tax returns so that she could figure out what interested her.

Even though her job has changed, she still helps people. She says, "the company has a great culture and our tax department works as 'one team' to complete internal deadlines."

In addition to her job as an accountant, Christina also works as an adjunct accounting professor at Kaplan University, teaching accounting to Associate and Bachelor's level students. "It’s a very rewarding job that keeps me in check with the fundamentals that I gained while in college," she says. 

Outside the office, Christina’s just as helpful. She participates in either an American Cancer Society or a Breast Cancer Awareness event each year, plays on her company’s softball and volleyball teams and spends a good part of her time travelling to visit friends.

You can imagine she’s a welcome site, striding up the front steps of a friend’s house – especially if it’s near tax time. But when it comes to career options in the long term, helpful Christina actually recommends you help *yourself.*

She’s in demand, enjoying what she does and there’s no end in sight, so if all this sounds good to you, take her advice: “Now’s the time to get in!”

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My company has a great culture and our tax department works well as one team.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 7

Best job: Graduate Assistant

Worst job: Claire's

Hobbies outside of work: Watching baseball, playing sports, hanging out with friends

Words to live by: "There is a light at the end of the tunnel...yet the darkness does not overcome it."