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Carver Smith

Carver Smith

Permanent Staffing Leader
CFS Baker Tilly, LLC
Milwaukee, WI


It takes one to know one.

As an executive recruiter who helps companies fill important positions in accounting, finance and HR, he doesn’t do a lot of accounting anymore – instead, he’s building on his background to find accountants and others who have the skills he learned as a CPA himself. For Carver, the switch was easy. “With a foundation in accounting, you just have so many options,” he says. “That’s because you know business.”

Carver is constantly networking – making contacts with clients and job candidates, delivering recruitment presentations or digging online to find out who’s hiring – and who should be hired. “Interacting with people really keeps my job interesting,” he says. “And I love the thrill of the chase!”

Carver recommends a career in accounting for anyone looking to keep their options open. “Just think about it,” he says. “There are a lot of really successful business people who you’d never guess have accounting backgrounds, like the founder of Nike. Being a CPA gives me enormous credibility with the people I talk to every day, no matter what their background or interests. It helps me speak the language of business.”

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Being a CPA gives me enormous credibility with the people I talk to every day. It helps me speak the language of business.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 20

Best job: Playground Director

Worst job: Painting sleeves of staples in a garage, by hand, reboxing them (without snapping the sleeve!), so they could be sold to Harley Davidson for their seats

Hobbies outside of work: Volunteering, skiing, tennis – and drummer and manager for his own band

Pets: Yellow lab and a gold fish

Words to live by: "E-mail is good for facts and figures, anything more deserves a call and will prevent unneeded misunderstanding and conflict."