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Ben Ellingson

Ben Ellingson

Eide Bailly LLP
Sioux Falls, SD


Ever pack an umbrella on a sunny day, just in case a storm blows in? You look kind of weird, right until the thunder rumbles in the distance. Standing there a few minutes later in the downpour, comfy and dry, you’re an advertisement for being prepared.

Well, that’s Ben Ellingson. In college he didn’t know where his career path would take him, but he knew that accounting would be a good base of knowledge for lots of different paths.

His CPA designation prepared him even further, and precipitated a career that was as right as rain. Less than 12 years later, he made Partner at a respected regional firm and spends his days talking to clients, managing staff and learning new skills.

He’s involved in different community activities, and gets away during time off to relax outdoors with family and friends. (They wear sunscreen and bug spray as needed, naturally.)

The preparation thing seems to have worked out. As choices came up, Ben was able to go in whatever direction appealed to him. “As a CPA, you will open the door to so many career paths,” he says. “Although I have chosen public accounting, there are also a number of options in various industries and markets that are available to you as a CPA. There is no better way, in my opinion, to give yourself the best competitive edge available.”

He goes on to rave about the growth opportunities the designation has opened to him. “Being a CPA has provided me a tremendous opportunity to grow – to grow within the business sense and in my career, but also to grow personally. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, as well as a number of great relationships, from the experiences that I have been provided through being a CPA.”

Are you prepared for an experience like that?

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As a CPA, you will open the door to so many career paths.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 15

Best job: Job where I can interact with a variety of other people!

Hobbies outside of work: Hunting, fishing, golf, time with family and friends

Pets: A yellow lab named Bailey

Words to live by: “Enjoy every day!”