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Audrey Foster

Audrey Foster

Director – Internal Audit, Security & Privacy
AICPA (that's us)
Durham, NC


Good economy? Bad economy? Bring it on. As a CPA who also has CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) credential, Audrey Foster has the skills companies are looking for no matter how good or bad things are. And that’s exactly why she went into accounting to begin with.

She could see the writing on the wall as a major in MIS (Management Information Systems) at Ohio University during the .com crash at the end of the 90’s – a lot of friends graduating with the same major were having a hard time finding work. “Around that time I realized I was pretty good at my accounting classes,” Audrey says. “So I declared a double major in both Accounting and MIS.”

As it turns out, it was a smart call. Audrey was recruited by the top accounting firms as a graduating senior because of her ability to match her technology skills with her auditing capabilities. She took a job at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she stayed for three years.

Today, she works at the American Institute of CPAs as the Director of IT Audit and Security & Privacy. It’s a job that puts her in charge of keeping sensitive, confidential information secure and protected. “I’m always challenged,” Audrey says. “I never go home thinking I had a boring day at work – and it feels good knowing that I’m in demand.”

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I never go home thinking I had a boring day at work and it feels good knowing that I'm in demand.

Stats at a Glance

Years as a CPA: 8

Hobbies outside of work: Just about anything outdoors – snow skiing, hiking, mountain biking, gardening, working out. Plus bowling, of course.

Words to live by: "No pain, no gain."