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Tyler Murphy

Tyler Murphy

Knowledge is power and with great knowledge, one may possess the power to achieve anything.

Extremely passionate, exercising leadership and having a positive impact on society are a few characteristics I hang my hat on. When I see a successful individual that works hard, loves their profession and makes a pretty sweet salary, of course I want to be there too. However, the overall picture is not what I focus on. I prefer to look at how these goals were met is.

My first couple years of high school was very similar to yours, I’m sure. I was excited to have reached an academic milestone, but never really thought in-depth about life after high school. But then my views changed. As I developed many values I practice each day,  I truly appreciate the art of learning. I feel that this component of life is a gateway to accomplishing whatever goals I’ve set. Knowledge is power and with great knowledge, one may possess the power to achieve anything.  

Ironically, I have always enjoyed math and the challenges it presents. No situation is exactly the same which constantly keeps me on my toes. When introduced to the accounting profession my freshman year of college, I knew it was for me. With all of the different career options and great job stability accounting provides, I immediately recognized how great of a profession it is. Technology has always been fascinating to me. I love tinkering with new gadgets, computer technology and different social media outlets. To know that I can apply my personal skill sets and interests to a specific area of accounting is amazing. Being passionate about a career is very important to me.

College is an opportunity of a lifetime. Live it up! Get involved. Try new things. Meet new people that are also driven to succeed. And develop an attitude and work ethic that will allow you to accomplish those career-path destinations you want to reach.       

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Babson College




Favorite Movie:

The Social Network – I’m a self-proclaimed “tech geek”

Favorite Sport:

Tennis. I had the opportunity to go to Wimbledon—an amazing experience!

Favorite Class in High School:

AP Calculus, I learned some essential skills and study habits that exist in all areas of my academics. 

More About Me:

Dream Vacation:

Someplace tropical with vast rainforests.

Famous Person I Would Love to Meet and Why:

Steve Jobs– he is a living legend that helped Apple become one of the biggest companies on Earth.

Best Advice I Ever Received:

Wake up with a purpose and go to bed with a sense of accomplishment. Every day I reflect on my experiences to see that I am living a meaningful life.