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Isabella Martinez

Isabella Martinez

You are a collection of your experiences, so seek out as many challenging and significant moments as you can. College is the best time of your life, enjoy every bit of it!

In a conversation about the college decision process, my high school guidance counselor told me something that, at the time did not seem very relevant. Yet, as I continued to think about which college I would attend and the activities I would participate in while there, his words of wisdom echoed in my mind. "You must decide if you want to be a big fish in the lake or a small fish in the ocean." As simple as this seems, it has truly helped guide me in my professional and academic endeavors.

Personally, my decision to attend DePaul University was one tied in the 'big fish in the lake' approach. I decided to attend a smaller school that would offer condensed class sizes, more individualized attention and specific programs targeted at my career ambitions. This is not to say attending a larger school would have been the wrong choice, it just was not an appropriate fit for me. I feel my decision put me in an environment that allowed me to cultivate my skill set as a student and a professional. Working in small groups, establishing relationships with my professors, taking on several leadership roles on campus and more have really allowed me to have personal growth.

Despite the school you choose to attend, it’s important that you become active. Being an active student is essential for success. And being a successful student does not only consist of acing every course. There are many other ways to prepare yourself for a promising career, and your resume won’t look too shabby either:

  • Find an informal mentor: This person can be a professor, co-worker, academic/career counselor or positive peer. An individual with excellent insight and usually successful. 
  • Get Involved: Pursue organizations pertaining to your field of study/personal interests. Volunteer work is great experience and a resume builder.
  • Build Relationships: Become affiliated with professors and classmates. Build effective relationships. Apply for internships to receive the experience and direct networking possibilities.
  • Be a Leader: Don’t follow the crowd. Expand your horizons. Be your own individual with personal goals to achieve and a matching work ethic.

The message I am trying to convey to you is go above and beyond and try new things regardless of the location. You will notice that all of your experiences will build a finished product….you! Participating in several organizations on and off campus, working different jobs, taking various classes, applying to what may seem as ‘out of reach’ programs will all provide you with abundance of knowledge that will propel you as a stronger leader and well-rounded individual. Find what works for you. All campuses provide these resources to become your best, so use them. You are a collection of your experiences, so seek out as many challenging and significant moments as you can. College really is the best time of your life, enjoy every bit of it!

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Favorite Class in High School: 

English Composition

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More About Me:

If I Won a Million Dollars I Would:

Continue my studies pursing an MBA and PhD. Further, I would begin to establish my own financial literacy and not-for-profit organization in my native location, Latin American.  

Dream Vacation: 

Travel throughout Greece

Best Advice I Ever Received:

Stop wearing your wishbone, where your backbone should be.