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Brianna Barton

Brianna Barton

Being open to new experiences and opportunities has always been a huge anchor in my lifestyle.

Going into college, I initially thought I wanted to do pre-med, or possibly work in management. I guess it’s safe to say I was wrong. After doing a little homework and shadowing various individuals in their professions, I knew that accounting was the perfect fit for me. Accounting provides an array of opportunities and routes that I could eventually take as a college graduate, which is what I appreciate most about the profession. With multiple career paths and excellent job stability in the economy, my future should be very promising.

Being open to new experiences and opportunities has always been a huge anchor in my lifestyle. I constantly try to better myself and become more versatile, because the more knowledgeable or versatile an individual is typically reflects in their personal success. Only part of the college learning experience occurs in the classroom. Throughout my collegiate career, I’ve realized the importance of gaining hands-on experience towards my field of study. Volunteer opportunities, academic organizations and internships are all excellent ways of receiving these essential skills and experience which can make a significant difference after graduation.  

Most importantly, I’ve always been told to do what I love the most! Establishing a career is already difficult, but I can’t imagine being in a practice that’s simply not for me. Become informed on what career opportunities are available in your area of interest. Find things that you enjoy. Know what you can bring to a profession and run with it. Don’t let specific courses or minor failures deter you away from your passion. Use these experiences as an opportunity for personal growth and become comfortable in areas where you were once weak. It has been proven, individuals that love what they do become most successful at it. Learn to create your own brand as early as you can, and no one can stand in your way.

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California Baptist University




Favorite Sport:

Running and volleyball are my favorite sports to play but basketball, football and water-polo are my favorite sports to watch.

Favorite Movie:

The Water Boy. Absolutely hilarious.

Favorite Actor/Actress:

Morgan Freeman and Julia Roberts

More About Me:

My Dream Vacation:

Fiji/Bora bora and then head to Europe

Best Advice I Ever Received:

It is the unique quirks that make people who they are; so be yourself and have fun.