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How much family time do you get? I'm afraid that if i do go this route that I'll become a this right?

Ben Ellingson

Answered by:
Ben Ellingson, Partner

Work-life balance has been a frequent discussion recently for both private companies and CPA firms alike. The good news is that, as a CPA, you will have credentials that designate you as a knowledgeable professional who can manage their own schedule and workload.

I currently work alongside a number of successful leaders and staff in our firm that are under flexible schedule arrangements to help accommodate family and other interests. Additionally, there are a number of opportunities for me and others to occasionally work from home or at varying times in the day, allowing us to maintain the schedule of our families while continuing down a great career path in accounting.

With the work-life balance and flexible schedule conversations on the forefront of employers’ minds today, the stage is perfectly set for you to enter a strong profession for a successful career while maintaining the quality of life you desire.

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