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What classes should I take to become an accountant? Is accounting boring? What does it take to be a CPA? How do I get a CPA license?

Wow . . . that is a lot of questions wrapped into one. I don’t think that accounting is boring, but I also think that because I like what I do and never leave work thinking I had a boring day. The great thing about accounting - which only gets better when you get your CPA license because more career options are available - is that there are so many different industries and positions that you can go into. You can be an accountant/ CPA in an industry that you finding interesting and find a position which you enjoy while getting paid well and adding value to that industry.

Most colleges have an accounting major that has required classes to graduate in that major which will give you the necessary classes to become a CPA. Depending on your state, you might have to take a few additional classes to be able to sit for the CPA Exam. I defiantly recommend you research your state so you can graduate college with all the required accounting and general education classes to be able to sit for the CPA Exam so you don’t have to go back to school or pay the extra money for a master in accountancy. Once you sit for the CPA Exam and pass, you must meet an experience requirement which varies by state to then obtain your CPA license.

Hope that answers your questions. Good luck! It is well worth the effort!

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