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Do You Think The CPA Exam Was Hard? If Not Is It Because You Studied Good For It And If So How Did You Go About Passing ?

I don't believe in the word, "hard." I believe that anything is achievable if you are dedicated and disciplined. Each candidate should set up an action plan which details how many hours/day will be dedicated to studying (I would suggest 1-2 hours) and stick to it!

Additionally, I would suggest the following:

1. Skim through the text and spend most of the time on the practice problems and tests- you should keep doing them even if you’ve memorized the answers. Browse through the lectures if you have time to watch them. If your not at work or asleep you should be studying and don’t do anything else until after you take your exam.

2. Get the administrative tasks that go along with the CPA out of the way while you are still in school (get transcripts together, send in the application and get your notice to schedule). Also plan the dates you want to sit for each exam. Then start studying before you begin work.

3. If your strategy isn’t working you should change it. If you study at home, go to the library instead. Give up all distractions (TV, fantasy football, facebook, twitter, etc.).

4. Get the exam out of the way because the longer you wait the harder you have to study. It's a slam to your confidence if you fail the first time, but that just means that you have to put more time into the second round.

Most important thing is to stay focused on your goal and work to achieve it. And achieveing the CPA is certainly worth it.

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