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This is probably a really dumb question, but I was wondering what skills you use in your daily work. What types of math do you employ daily?

I use a lot of my people skills. These are imperative in a team-oriented environment, in which each team member has a different personality, so it's important to be able to collaborate with team members in achieving targeted work goals. People skills are also useful in meetings with the client, where speaking with impact and tact is imperative to our business relationship.

Another key skill is time management. On any given day, I may have more than one responsibility/job to work on and knowing what to prioritize and how much time to spend on the task at hand is imperative in achieving goals in a timely fashion.

With respect to how much math I employ on the job, the math is really not that complicated. The calculator does most of the work for me. My job is really about understanding what the numbers mean and how they impact how much work I need to do to audit them.

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