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I passed the CPA exam in 2006 and am currently working for a CPA firm. I have 2 years of CPA firm experience and some of my earlier experience was non public. I am interested to know how much I can expect in terms of a salary increase once I get my license.

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According to the Robert Half salary guide an employee with the CPA certification is paid, on average, 10% more than their non-CPA peers. This does not mean that everyone that gets their CPA automatically receives a 10% raise, but this is an average. There are many other factors involved such as geographic location, size of firm/company, responsibilities and duties, etc. Non salary benefits are also a big factor in this equation. Items such as vacation time, summer hours, medical coverage, and other non salary benefits can have a big influence on your overall compensation. The base salary of the position is only one piece of the compensation pie.

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