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I want to be an accountant, but I think there is one thing that is stopping me. I'm a people person. Do accountants ever get to talk about work or life with others? If so, which area would be best?

What an excellent question! CPAs are required to possess “people skills”. The complex work that a CPA performs must be communicated in very clear, concise terms to our clients. What good is the most technical of CPAs if she can’t communicate the action to her client?

As for a community of other CPAs, the Oklahoma Society of CPAs provides a forum for young CPAs to discuss work and life issues. The committee is the New CPA Committee. This committee is structured using the medium most innovative, younger CPAs wish to use – electronic, in-person or a combination of the two.

Lastly, you have availed to you a mentor to discuss these important issues. The purpose of the mentor is to provide honest feedback based on their personal experience and assist you in making decisions for your career considering your particular facts and circumstances.

The CPA profession requires great analytical, technical and communication skills. You will find a “family” of CPAs in a similar stage of your career who share your concerns about work/life issues. Seek out someone to speak with now, while still in school, to discuss career options within the CPA profession. You will be very happy with a rewarding career that allows the flexibility for financial and personal activities in the CPA profession

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