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How likely is it to have job offers before you graduate if you have a 3.5+ GPA with a Big 4 audit firm?

A lot of factors go into consideration in addition to GPA.

- First, be sure you meet the educational requirements to sit for the CPA when you graduate college. You can access state-specific information at the following link:

- Extracurricular involvement demonstrates an ability to work in a team, which is required for any public accounting job.

- Work experience and internships demonstrate professional skills.

- There are also intangible qualities firms look for in new recruits – Can the candidate work independently yet also as part of a team? Does the candidate enjoy problem solving and interaction with clients and colleagues? Does the candidate possess a curious mind and desire to learn? Be sure to exemplify these skills when applying for jobs!

- You also need to be proactive and work with your college career office and network and talk to people already working at a Big 4 firm. It doesn’t hurt to get started as soon as possible. You’ll find a lot of CPAs would relish the opportunity to help out any students interested in the field, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your contacts.

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