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Why would accounting be a good job to have in the future?

There are many reasons why becoming an accountant would be a good choice for your future. For me, it was because I enjoyed working with numbers and had strong analytical skills. I am also very outgoing; a strength that is important when you work with clients and colleagues. Becoming a professional was exciting. Like doctors and attorneys, CPAs are given a high level of respect and trust. I enjoy working in an environment where respect and integrity are expected and practiced. I have remained in public accounting because boredom is my worst enemy. There is nothing more exciting to me than a brand new day in public accounting.

If you desire a future of constant growth and change, accounting will certainly provide that. Not to mention the financial rewards, the personal and professional rewards are unlimited. An accountant can fill many different business positions and roles. The opportunities are great and you can actually find that perfect job – the job just for you. You can work for yourself, a public accounting firm, a company in a particular industry, or government, to name a few. An accounting degree can also compliment other professions such as banking and wealth management.

As a manager I have never been in a position of saying we are not hiring. I have always been able to say that I can interview and hire if we find someone with a great resume. Most often firms and employers are willing to pick up great candidates even if the timing isn’t quite right. The reason being that the market is short of strong candidates and when someone worthwhile comes along we hire them. This is why it is important to start early with your career and do well in school. Market yourself from the beginning by joining organizations and taking on leadership roles. This experience also transfers over to the professional world, where again, you will do the same thing.

In addition, statistics are showing an increase towards balance of men and women in the profession. A once upon a time male dominated profession, public accounting firms are making it a strategic priority to attract and maintain qualified female professionals.

It is notable to mention that the rewards of becoming a CPA far outweigh obtaining your accounting degree alone. Why not take the next step and become certified? It was the best investment I have ever made.

Invest in yourself further. Becoming a CPA is a must! It will set you above the rest!

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