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I'm considering studying business and accounting in college but am unsure if it’s right for me. I'm not a big 'numbers' guy, but am very interested in business/marketing. I also consider myself to be a pretty creative/artsy guy.

Ben Ellingson

Answered by:
Ben Ellingson, Partner

The aspects of any successful business go well beyond simple number crunching. Communication skills, creative thinking, relationship building, problem solving, effective marketing – the list goes on and on – all play an essential role and are important tools to becoming successful in business.

With an accounting background, you are poised to succeed in accounting, industry, marketing, or any number of other career paths because you have the necessary background to be able to understand the inner-workings and financial aspects of business. You will have a great understanding of analyzing, predicting, reporting, and evaluating very important data, and with a compliment of creative skills as you mention above, your options will be even greater.

There is no better entrance tool to any business-related position than an accounting degree and the CPA designation. With these, you’ll find yourself holding a very important key to your future – whatever future you choose.

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