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okay so I am a high school student in an accounting class and I find it very boring...what made you decide to enter this field? do you find it exciting? what could make me find this more intriguing?

I decided to enter accounting after I took accounting 101 in college (which was a business school required class). While sometimes the class was a bit dry, I found that I was good at it and understood the material. At the time, I was also a MIS major and students were graduating with that degree and having a hard time finding a job. I figured if I did both MIS and Accounting I would have a better chance of finding a job and getting into a career I was really interested in. I was right. It paid off and I found that there were certain areas of accounting that not only was I good at, I really enjoyed. My passion is still IT, but I use my accounting background everyday to be successful in my IT related career.

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