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I just started my Masters in Accounting after graduating with a Bachelors in International Business and Spanish. I've never had an internship in Accounting. Will that hurt me upon completing my Masters program?

I don’t think that completing your Masters without an internship will absolutely kill your chances of employment post-graduation, but it won’t help them much either. When firms (and specifically partners and managers) evaluate potential new hires one question they may ask themselves is, “how much am I going to have to babysit this person?” It is inevitable that you will need assistance once you’re in the workforce because you simply cannot learn everything in school. BUT, when you come out with an understanding of how a firm runs, how the software works that firms use and have experience with applying the principles learned in school to real life situations your resume is much stronger and you can enter the workforce confidently since you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. I had an internship when I was in college and it gave me a great advantage over several peers that started with me that had not been interns. When you are hunting for job offers you want to be able to differentiate yourself from others. Experience can do exactly that.

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