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If you could have any job would you still be a CPA?

Yes. If I could have any job I wanted, I would still be a CPA.

I absolutely love business, so any job I would have would be in some field of business. I know you probably have already heard this, but accounting is the language of business. So, having the CPA designation means that you are a business expert. Although I am currently a Plant Controller at a Fortune 500 company, I have also been an auditor (internal and at a "Big Four" accounting firm), and I have helped my sister start her own not for profit business. All of these assignments have been enhanced by the business knowledge that I have gained by being a CPA.

The funny thing about being a CPA is no matter what you plan to do in the business world, having the CPA will be relevant for your assignment. This is because the CPA means that you know fundamentals about business finances and all businesses want to make money. Therefore, you can apply those CPA fundamentals to accounting, finance, marketing, logistics, human resources, entrepreneurship and on and on..... and if that is not enough, you can have a job as a teacher (or professors) and teach others about those CPA business fundamentals.

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