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What was the hardest part about getting your education?

That is a great question! The hardest thing about successfully completing undergraduate, graduate and the CPA exam was finding the time to devote to my studies. I believe that one should always strive for academic perfection even if ultimately it can’t be achieved.

In my undergraduate program I was on a full basketball scholarship which meant prioritizing my time was essential. I had to endure long practices, late night study sessions, a hectic travel schedule which required me to take exams earlier than the rest of my classmates, and constantly utilize all my professors office hours because I was a dual major.

In my graduate program time management became even more important because I started working full-time and training to make a professional sports team. Graduate school was intense and required a level of commitment quite different from anything I had ever experienced. I traveled for basketball tryouts, played in semi-pro leagues, worked as a temporary consultant and performed my graduate assistant duties at school for two-years. Upon graduation I joined PricewaterhouseCoopers, studied for the CPA exam, and played professional basketball.

Education in and of itself is a powerful tool. Always create the necessary time to learn as much as possible so that you can constructively impact our global society in ways people have never imagined.

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