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What types of ethical situations have you faced?

Charles Weinstein

Answered by:
Charles Weinstein, CEO

I have encountered many ethical situations over the course of my 30 year career as a CPA. Somewhere in the course of your career you will face an ethical dilemma. One memorable situation comes to the top of my mind. During the course of an engagement, it came to light that the CFO of a long term client had done something improper. I had a relationship with the CFO for over 10 years, but my training as a CPA, indeed my responsibility as a CPA, led me to speak directly with the shareholders of my client about the problem, immediately upon becoming aware of it. Appropriate action was taken and the Company has continued to thrive. Although it was a painful personal matter, professionally it is always your obligation to do what is right for your client.

As Managing Partner of my firm, I am faced with difficult business decisions every day. From staffing matters to clients matters to matters that impact on how we deal with other accounting firms. Many times I make decisions that are not always the most profitable decisions for our firm because I think it is the fair and ethical thing to do. Being a Certified Public Accountant provides a great ethical compass for how to run your firm.

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