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At any point in time did you regret working toward getting your CPA license?

That's an interesting question, and I can honestly say I never regretted getting my CPA license. I may have questioned my sanity a time or two while I was studying for the CPA exam, but I always believed having the CPA designation would benefit me. Becoming a CPA requires commitment and hard work, but the pay-off greatly exceeds the cost (gee, I sound like an accountant). Whether you decide to pursue a career in public accounting, the corporate world or government, having your CPA license will only assist you in achieving success in your career. I have, on the other hand, observed where the lack of a CPA license can be an obstacle to career opportunities in accounting.

I remember the challenges I faced while working toward my CPA license, and I had to make some sacrifices, giving up my life to studying for a short period. I have coached several staff members at my firm through the process, and the best advise I can give is to prepare for the CPA exam sooner rather than later. The staff who take the CPA exam while finishing up their college course work or very soon after have had great success in passing the exam, mainly because they still have the good study habits they cultivated during school. Also, once you begin your career in accounting, juggling your work and life responsibilities while squeezing in study time can be a challenge, but it is doable!

I would strongly recommend that anyone planning a career in the accounting field to seriously considered obtaining his/her CPA license. Having this designation will distinguish you as someone who has expertise in the accounting field and will only be an asset to you in your future.

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