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Is your job paying you enough to live a wealthy life, get a lot of things you want yet not everything, or just to ge by paying the bills? Also, is the CPA Exam pretty hard?

With an accounting degree, every job I’ve had since college has more than paid the bills. I started out making a very decent salary and it has steadily increased over the years, very much in line with my changing personal life. Budgeting and saving has been the key for me to be able to buy what I want. I started contributing to my 401k immediately after starting work. And I opened a Roth IR and started saving for investments, such as a house. By the time I wanted to purchase a piece of furniture, a car or a house, I had the cash to pay in full or incur a substantial down payment. My accounting background and certainly my CPA credential have enabled me to earn a salary that allows me to lead a very comfortable and fulfilling life.

The CPA exam is a comprehensive test of everything accounting. So, let’s say it’s not an easy task to recall all of that information at once. The idea to remember is that passing is possible and attainable with a dedicated study plan. Passing the CPA exam is such a rewarding experience, not only for having accomplished a huge hurdle but also for taking your career to the next level. Just like all other worthwhile things in life, the return on investment is immense.

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