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Why is being a CPA such a great choice after college? What does it all entail and is it a happy job or a tiring nine to five?

The great thing about becoming a CPA after graduating from college is the fact that there are so many different career options available. You can choose an industry or field that you are interested in and/ or you can choose a job based on the benefits it provides. Based on my experience, I was able to come out of college and work in a job that I found very interesting using both my majors (MIS and Accounting) which I never considered to be a tiring nine to five. I was able to travel and work on really interesting projects. As I have continued in my career, I took another job that offered more work/ life balance, and while a work more closely to a nine to five schedule, I am still challenged everyday and I get to have a personal life outside of work which became important to me a few years after graduating from college. I feel that becoming a CPA allows you to have a lot more choices so you can have a job that challenges you professionally but also provides balance personally.

Being a CPA, Work/Life Balance