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Which is better to have, a MBA or MAcc., in the CPA world?

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This question does not have a clear cut answer. There are many variables that could lead a person to select either an MBA or a MAcc. One of the factors is the amount of time that you have to complete the degree, typically a MAcc can be completed faster than an MBA. Another main factor would be centered around your major during your undergraduate education. If you did not get a Baccalaureate degree in accounting it would be difficult to qualify for the CPA with an MBA since many states require a specific number of credit hours in accounting. Yet another factor would be your long term career goals. These could influence your need for a more specific accounting education or a more well rounded business education. Either way you should consider these factors as well as many others before making this decision. It is always recommended to seek advice from someone in the profession you chose to pursue that can look at your unique situation and aid you in the decision making process.

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