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What is the best part about being a CPA?

Being a CPA has several intrinsic and extrinsic benefits. For promotion to Senior Associate at PwC, associates must obtain their CPA. The Firm also awards associates who complete the CPA exam during their first year with a bonus! As client work gets busier over time, it is definitely beneficial to complete the CPA exam early. Even if you decide not to work in public accounting, having a CPA helps give you credibility as an accountant. You are more likely to receive a managerial role at a company by having a CPA compared to someone who does not have a CPA.

You can also personally grow and develop an aptitude for accounting through membership in organizations such as the AICPA and state CPA societies. These organizations provide webcasts, reading materials, and training sessions to help CPAs develop skills in accounting areas of their choice. Additionally, as CPAs are required to complete a number of continuing education hours, organizations such as the AICPA and state CPA societies provide interesting courses to help meet the continuing education requirements.

As I'm entering my second year of work, I feel I've benefitted from having the CPA because I have more credibility with fellow teammates, friends and family come to me when they need accounting advice, and former accounting professors call on me to help guide their current students. I definitely feel I am able to add value at work and outside of work because of this credential!

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