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What is it about CPA that grabbed your attention and gave you enough interest to want to pursue this as career?

Money is what grabbed my attention. Not the ability to make bunches of money but rather the skill to learn about how it works and the best ways to count it. When I learned that accountants were the people who had the most knowledge about tracking money and explaining wealth, I was hooked. As I investigated accounting as a career, I discovered that having the CPA credential is a HUGE advantage in this field of work because it demonstrates one’s expertise and experience.

The CPA designation is recognized around the world and is something of which to be proud. I wanted to be part of that group of accounting experts. I also wanted to understand the foundation of business and have the ability to transfer my experience to further career opportunities, if I so desired in my future. A CPA license gives the holder much notoriety, as well as flexibility.

In the end, I know that my decision to go into accounting and to gain my CPA credential were some of the best choices I’ve made in my life.

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