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What advice would you give to a high school student if he or she was interested in pursuing this field?

The one great benefit of choosing Accounting as your career is that you will always have a job when you graduate. If you are looking for a career that is challenging and for which the dynamics change constantly (regulations, Accounting rules are always changing), then this is where its at.

Additionally, even within the profession, there are a variety of specialties you can pick from: tax, auditing and forensic accounting are just a few. You will also be provided many opportunities to travel; so for those of you who love to travel, well there you have it!

Lastly, you will meet with very successful members of management of different companies (CEOs, CFOs, VPs, Controllers, etc.). This will give you the opportunity to learn from these individuals. Very few professions allow you to meet with people of high positions at the onset of your career; this happens to be one of those unique professions.

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