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What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an accountant?


What a great foundation. Accounting is a type of puzzle. With journal entries and other documentation, you can piece together how a business is operating. Understanding the nuts and bolts of a business - how it operates, how it mitigates risks, how it makes money, etc - is an invaluable skill. So if you decide to pursue another career later on, you'll have already built a great business foundation.

You can use accounting as a gateway into areas of interest. Are you interested in the fashion industry, sports industry, finance industry? Would you prefer a large company in a metropolitan area or a small, private business in a small town in another country? Accounting might be one of the only professions that would be useful and always in demand across industries, companies, and countries.


It's not easy. You can't just leave at 6 every day. Whatever you are working on -- producing financial reports, analyzing estimates, closing the books -- has deadlines. It's a challenge that requires you to constantly brush up on your current events, current accounting updates, and staying aware of business activities within your company.

Accounting is basically the use of data for decision making. Sometimes the decisions aren't easy and sometimes you have to confront others. Accounting requires more than just critical thinking. It requires standing up to others, supporting your opinions, and standing firm when your opinions differ.

Being a CPA, Salary


One of the most important advantages of being an accountant, in particular a CPA, is the number of opportunities you may encounter in your career. CPAs can be found in all industry sectors and public services. The education and training you receive to qualify for the CPA credential is ongoing. You will not only have opportunities to seize in your career, you will also have a lifetime of knowledge to contribute to your favorite charities or assist others during your retirement. No matter the economy, a CPA will be needed to provide guidance, direction and counseling in the operation and development of products, companies and market sectors.

Although I don’t believe this is a disadvantage, some individuals do not desire to be challenged by an ever-changing business environment. I personally thrive on the challenges and seek these situations as opportunities for further growth in my experience and knowledge. Overall, the profession of an accountant is very rewarding and maintains a significant ability to enhance one’s lifetime earnings.

Being a CPA, Salary