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Prepare for the CPA Exam

As you near the end of college, there’ll be a lot of talk about the CPA exam. The sooner you pass the test and get licensed, the sooner you’ll make the big bucks—so you’ll want to take it ASAP after you graduate. Here’s how to start getting ready for it in college:

Learn about the exam structure. Know what to expect so there are no surprises.

Talk to faculty about required classes for taking the CPA exam and how to pass with flying colors.

Research CPA exam courses and start taking practice tests. This could be your last test ever. How glorious is that?

Rally a few classmates to form a weekly study group and keep each other motivated. Bribe them with pizza if necessary.

Find a mentor by joining The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) or contacting your state society.

Already staring down (or cramming for) the exam? Check out our complete guide to getting you ready, including tips, state requirements and even first-person reports from folks who've done it themselves. It’s a whole other site, at ThisWayToCPA. And if you’re interested in the hardcore nitty-gritty, check out the AICPA’s exam Web site: