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Pick a Major

Should I major in accounting?

We can think of a few reasons that make the answer a big, fat yes.

It’s diverse. If you think an accounting major is all numbers, just wait ‘til your freshman year. Many students are surprised to find that an accounting major includes a variety of business courses such as marketing and international business, plus liberal arts courses outside of the business school. You’ll graduate with a well-rounded education and a whole lot of business savvy.

It opens doors. The opportunities you have when you graduate with a degree in accounting are endless. Companies will know that you have specific business skills, which you don’t necessarily get with a general business major. Since accounting is the language of business and the financial lifeline of every organization, a major in accounting can take you anywhere.

It’s flexible. An accounting major pairs up well with just about anything. Double majoring in a totally different subject can set you up for a more specialized career. Environmental accountants, for example, would benefit from a double major in accounting and environmental science. Forensic accountants would do well with a double major in criminal justice. Figure out what your interests are and build your own curriculum

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