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Getting Involved on Campus

There are two types of college students: those who live on their sofa playing video games, and those who get out there and do stuff. Which do you think will make you a more attractive job candidate? Get involved in different campus activities and you’ll not only love your college experience, but your future employer will love you.

Your first stop to becoming a well-rounded student is investing yourself in the campus and community experiences. College campuses have a wide range of student activities, from sports to comedy troupes to clubs for everything under the sun. Join organizations that interest you and don’t be afraid to step out of the box by trying things you’ve never done before. Consider joining student government, a fraternity or a sorority or a club for your favorite hobby. And hey, if you can’t find a student organization that meets your interest, why not start one on your own?

Getting involved is all about enhancing your college experience by going beyond the classroom. You will be introduced to a new set of skills and gain insight to different perspectives. A leadership role, for example, can increase your teamwork, group management and communication abilities. These valuable skills can be transferred into the workforce and will be sure to make you and your resume stand out.

Getting involved will make you a better leader, more social and introduce you to networking opportunities and unique experiences that will complement your academic education and make you a well-rounded individual. Yes, getting involved in anything but classes might be a little overwhelming at first, but balancing your extra-curricular and academic experiences will allow you to get the most out of college. That late night spent planning a major campus event may just come in handy when you’re leading a company project one day. Certainly more than a night on the couch ever will.