See your life as a CPA. Build your FutureMe.


Welcome to (eek!) adulthood.

Eh, it’s not as scary as it sounds. But as a future CPA, you will have to make some grown-up decisions for yourself, beyond what to eat for breakfast. Here’s a rundown:

Big Things to Do

Not as Big But Still Important Things to Do

  • Fulfill your core curriculum courses—you’ll be surprised when you see how chem lab helped you in your role as a CPA for a biotech firm, or that your freshman English course was perfect prep for writing and presenting a company’s quarterly financial statement. Who knew?
  • Start building your résumé: take leadership roles and join clubs (the AICPA’s Student Affiliate Membership will earn you major points).
  • Add upper level courses in accounting, business writing, economics and information systems. They’ll look great on that ever-important résumé. 
  • Begin interviewing for jobs or internships—the real world is just around the corner.

More Good Stuff to Know

Check, check and check? Great. And if you’re already *in* college (or about to be), check out a whole site’s worth of extra info to help you get the most out of your experience. You’ll find it all at ThisWayToCPA.

Want to peek ahead even further? Find out what happens next, after graduation.