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Stop Struggling With Juggling

Community college life involves much more than just raising your hand in class and burning the midnight oil studying. There’s a good chance you’ll also be working part time, or maybe even full-time. Plus, you’ll hopefully take on some extracurriculars. Maybe play co-ed flag football or run for the Student Senate. And since you’ll likely be on your home turf, chances are, you have friends and family who want to spend time with you. Lumped all together, it can be downright overwhelming.

Learning to manage your time and successfully juggle all your “to-do’s” is as important as learning the difference between capital surplus and capital stock.Why’s it so important? Because fine-tuning your time management skills now will pay dividends when you’re studying and working toward CPAhood. And once you’ve become a card carrying CPA, it’ll help you balance your hectic work schedule with your equally demanding home life.

Here are a few tips to help you keep everything in the air:

Make a list and check it more than twice. A to-do list is a great way to know what you need to get done. Put things in order of importance. Check them off the list as you complete each one. Make necessary adjustments as new things pop up.

Fill in the calendar blanks. Don’t let important dates fall through the cracks. Know when you’re meeting with your advisor, when that paper is due, or which day that big test is.

Just do it. Ever put something off for weeks, only to realize it actually only took a couple of hours? Sometimes the monster in your mind makes things out to be worse than they are.  The best way to get something done is to just do it.

Carve out some “me time.” It’s important to work hard and play hard. Go out with friends. Stay in and watch a movie. Go for a long run. Make the time to do whatever you do to relax and recharge.

Something to keep in mind: multi-tasking has become a necessary evil in today’s world, but overdoing it can be counter-productive. Finding that happy medium is the secret to doing well in community college. Get the hang of it now, and you’ll use those same skills for a successful and rewarding accounting career.