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Find Your Community College Soulmate

So you’ve decided community college is in the stars for you. Cool. Now you just need to choose the right one. Most community colleges offer tours and student orientation. This is a great way to learn more about the school and get a peek into campus life. You may also consider asking friends or family that have attended community college for advice on what to look for in a good school. Because much like tofu milkshakes, not all community colleges are created equally.

Some things to consider:  

  • Is it accredited? That’s a 50 cent word for “does it meet the high standards of the Department of Education?”
  • Does it have a transfer agreement with the four-year university you’d like to eventually attend? Many community colleges have transfer agreements with local universities. They help ensure the courses you take count towards your future bachelor’s degree. Which, you know, is kinda important.
  • Does the time of day classes are offered match your schedule?  And we’re talking about work schedule, not when your favorite TV show comes on.
  • What is their application and registration process? Most community colleges have an “open-door” policy.. But you still need to fill out an application. You may also have to take math, reading, and writing placement exams and meet with an advisor before registering.
  • Is residential housing offered? If this is important to you, be sure to ask. If it’s not important to you, um, don’t ask.
  • Do they offer student activities? Just like in high school, it’s important to get involved. And no, the “Captain of the Dorm Foosball Team” doesn’t count.

If the school you’re eyeing meets all these points, then what are you waiting for, go fill out an application. If it doesn’t, you may want to give it a second thought, or just move on to another school entirely.