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(And Other Tips on Transferring to a Four-Year School)

So you’ve decided to kick-start your college adventure with community college and then transfer to a four-year university to round it out. Sounds like a humdinger of a plan. But first, be sure you’re armed with all the facts. The College Board was kind enough to make a list of helpful tips:

Learn the ropes. Most community colleges offer two-year transfer programs that put you on track for a bachelor’s degree. General education classes; electives; and, in some cases, courses that prepare you for certain majors are offered. Be sure you find out the specific deets for your school.

Understand transfer agreements. Many two-year colleges have special transfer relationships, known as articulation agreements, with four-year colleges. The agreements may apply to individual courses or complete degrees. You can usually find this information on the school’s website. And find it, you should. Knowing which courses to take and whether they’ll transfer or not is super important.

Do a credit check. Long before registering at your four-year school, be sure the credits you earn in community college will count. Otherwise, you might have to re-take a class. And no one wants to do that.

Know the magic number. In addition to confirming your courses will transfer, you’ll also want to find out the grade you’ll need to earn in specific classes and the overall GPA you’ll need in order to transfer successfully. Your adviser is a good person to hit up for this information. Speaking of that…

Chat up your adviser. Meet with an adviser before registering for your first-semester of community college. Continue to meet with him or her on a regular basis. This will help you stay on track to transfer successfully, which is much more fun than transferring unsuccessfully. After you check with your community college adviser, you’ll also want to contact the college admission office at the four-year school you want to transfer to and ask for help throughout the process to make sure you’ve got every angle covered.

Start shopping for college. Use our Community College Blueprint. It’ll help you find community colleges and universities with business and accounting programs you can apply to.

It’s important to be well informed. Be sure and talk to your community college advisor and the admissions folks at the four-year school you’d like to attend to make sure you’re good to go. (Do this more than once. It’s important.) Remember, there are no silly questions, only silly hats. Use our Community College Blueprint to get started now. See you in class.