See your life as a CPA. Build your FutureMe.

After Graduation

You’re a license away from financial rock stardom.

Graduating college is quite the achievement, but it takes a little more to become a sought-after CPA. This is your chance to go from an everyday accountant to a Certified Public one. And it will mean 10-15% higher pay, so why not? You’re almost there.

Big Things to Do

  • Take the CPA exam. Ace it, even. We’ll tell you what to expect.
  • Familiarize yourself with your state's requirements. Research your state's Board of Accountancy.
  • Get your CPA license.This is your ticket into the certified public party. Trust us, you want one of these.
  • Get involved with your local CPA society. They’ll be a great resource for meeting other CPAs and helping you find a job if you need it.

Not as Big But Still Important Things to Do

  • Stay on top of industry issues through continuing education classes and industry Web sites and magazines.
  • Enhance your skillset with a specialized credential
  • Become a mentor for younger accounting students at your alma mater so you can teach kids to be just like you.

To get even more handy tips, including internship info and résumé advice, and even an interview simulation to try out, pay a visit to ThisWayToCPA. That's the AICPA's site for students in college -- and beyond.