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What's Next?

Everything you need to know to get you from point A to point CPA.

Get a jump on the competition.

It's not too early to start laying the groundwork for a successful career in accounting. Find out what you can be doing to prepare in high school.

Tackle college.

Courses and scholarships and majors and internships—it all sounds overwhelming, but it isn’t if you know what to do and when. Get a step-by-step plan for getting ahead in college.

Pass the CPA exam and then get your license.

After you graduate college, there are a few more things to do to make you a top contender in the field. Get a sneak peek at steps to take after college.

Get rewarded for all your hard work.

Just in case you ever need a friendly reminder of the perks that lie ahead, keep these starting salaries in mind:

EmployerJr. (0-3 yrs.)Sr. (4-6 yrs.)
Public Accounting (large firm)$47k-$66k$64k-$83k
Public Accounting (medium firm)$41k-$60k$51k-$76k
Public Accounting (small firm)$40k-$53k$52k-$66k
Corporate Accounting (large co.)$35k-$55k$53k-$71k
Corporate Accounting (medium co.)$34k-$50k$49k-$63k
Corporate Accounting (small co.)$32k-$47k$45k-$56k