Project Innovation

Project Innovation 2013 has wrapped!

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2013 Project Innovation: The Start Here, Go Places.® Competition of Creative Excellence. Students from around the country were invited to participate in the competition and the ideas that were submitted were fantastic! After the finalists were selected by a panel of judges, a public vote on the website and final round online presentations to our judge, the winners can finally be revealed.

It was a close race, but here are the top three finishers:

Project Innovation

First Place

Accounting Pros

Batavia Sr. High School, Batavia, IL

Dominic Clark a young SEC agent with his CPA license gets an assistant position for a corporation that produces toys. Exposing the corporation for fraud, he proves himself and gets offered a position with the FBI. Dominic takes the position and goes undercover to expose white collar crimes as a forensic accountant for the FBI while secretly investigates the agency’s financial history. Through his investigation he and his boss Kimberly begin to dig deeper to find out exactly what is going on. Will he get caught in his secret investigation?

Second Place


Pine Ridge High School, Deltona, FL

A group with six experts are working together to run a business, each with their own accounting specialization and expertise. The show will give these six people the responsibility to manage a business on the verge of closing down due to lack of monitoring their accounts. The goal of the experts is to analyze and manage the business and fix the financial problem, putting the business back on a successful track having an accounting mind set.

Third Place

McGeary Institute of Accounting

Foxborough High School, Foxborough, MA

A new “dramady” revolving around central character Bill Bailey, a young CPA who has been privately employed as the personal accountant to wacky actor Reef Taylor. Taylor can do no wrong on set but is extremely irresponsible in his day to day life, earning millions upon millions of dollars a year for his movies and television shows. Taylor is constantly getting himself into trouble with his financial decisions and was even tricked into purchasing the Brooklyn Bridge once! Previous accountants have not been successful in balancing his budget and keeping him from making poor decisions and out of debt. Will Bill Bailey, CPA be able to help Taylor with his money mayhem?

Form your team and start planning your entry - due by 6 p.m. ET on December 21.
Judging in Progress
Your entry will be evaluated on creativity, originality and feasibility. A panel of judges will be selecting the finalists to advance. We’ll let you know if you’re one of them.
Public Voting
The finalists have moved on to the public vote. Here, anyone can vote on for their favorite entry. You’ll want to recruit all your friends and classmates to vote for your team.
Final Round Presentations
It’s not over yet. The finalist teams virtually present their proposal LIVE to our final round judge. Don’t be intimidated! CPAs are nice people.
Winners Announced
The biggest day of them all. Today our top three teams are announced and they’ll be awarded with some pretty sweet scholarships, plus grants for their schools. We can hardly wait.