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Sajid Hasan’s FutureMe

Owner/CEO, Website Startup

Key Stats

Salary: Write your own paycheck
Weekly hours: You're the boss, you decide

Make smart decisions, and you could be the founder of the next Twitter. In the meantime, the biggest obstacle you face is limited cash. It’s expensive to get a Web site up and running so you have to find creative ways to raise capital. And once you do, you need to use your money very wisely—overspending is not an option. Every decision must work for you, from the technology you use to the people you hire. But it’ll all be worth it when your site becomes the next big thing.

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How Sajid Hasan got here

Work Experience

  • 3 years: Assistant Controller
  • 4 years: Financial Analyst
  • 3 years: Staff Accountant
  • 1 summer: Senior year internship
  • 1 summer: Junior year internship
  • Joined the AICPA What’s this?
  • Joined my state society What’s this?
  • Passed the CPA exam What’s this?

Colleges Sajid Hasan is considering



High school

Class of: 2011

Scholarships Sajid Hasan is considering