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Debra J Goetting’s FutureMe

Audit Manager, Regional Accounting Firm

Key Stats

Salary: $87,450 - $112,750
Weekly hours: 45-55

If your team notices anything not quite right, you’re the detective they call. As audit manager for a regional firm, you and a team review a client’s financial statements and processes for accuracy and proper procedures. You have to get to the bottom of any irregular information that your staff uncovers. You deal with clients in an area of your expertise, such as entertainment or real estate. And they’re pretty big companies, so any financial errors could be devastating to their business. Sound like a lot of pressure? That’s why they pay you the big bucks.

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How Debra J Goetting got here

Work Experience

  • 3 years: Public Accounting Senior Auditor
  • 3 years: Public Accounting Auditor
  • 1 summer: Senior year internship
  • 1 summer: Junior year internship
  • Joined the AICPA What’s this?
  • Joined my state society What’s this?
  • Passed the CPA exam What’s this?

Colleges Debra J Goetting is considering



High school

Class of: 1985

Scholarships Debra J Goetting is considering