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Brandon Davis’s FutureMe

Director of Financial Reporting, Marriott International, Inc.

Key Stats

Salary: $154,000 - $216,425
Weekly hours: 50+

Lead the preparation of financial reports from a lounge chair in Fiji. As director of financial reporting for a global company, your job is no small task. You merge the financial reports from all the Marriott hotels into one overall report, which you present to top executives. You also develop reports required by the Securities and Exchange Commission to prove you’re not fudging any numbers. From your findings in your reporting, you make recommendations to the Chief Financial Officer that can help the company in the future. It’s hard work, but you have an open invitation to penthouse suites all over the place.

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How Brandon Davis got here

Work Experience

  • 4 years: Global Controller
  • 3 years: Controller
  • 4 years: Assistant Controller
  • 2 years: Senior Staff Accountant
  • 3 years: Staff Accountant
  • 1 summer: Senior year internship
  • 1 summer: Junior year internship
  • Joined the AICPA What’s this?
  • Joined my state society What’s this?
  • Passed the CPA exam What’s this?

Colleges Brandon Davis is considering



0 Paine College
Augusta, GA Web site
0 Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, GA Web site

High school

Class of: 2007

Scholarships Brandon Davis is considering